10 Teeth Puns Dentists Are Enameled By


Are you ready to sink your teeth into the best dentist puns ever? This might seem like a completely random topic to make a list of puns about, but think about it. You go to the dentist twice a year, and it is a humongous industry with a huge population of dentists and assistants that would love some jokes. Meanwhile, dentists can use these puns by printing them out and hanging them up around the office. I’m sure people will appreciate it.

You might notice that these puns are not my normal style on this website. Generally I find a stock photo and overlay my own original puns onto it, but in this case I decided to search and showcase the best puns I could find that other people made. All of these teeth puns were found in places that have no attribution requirements, but you never know if the people who posted them there had the rights to them. As such, please contact me by messaging Punreal on Facebook if you want attribution or removal.

This tooth pun may give you molaria.

Sometimes when I eat ice cream my teeth turn into angry molar bears.