10 Star Wars Puns that Will Force You to Laugh. May the Puns be With You.


Nerd culture has a rich history of making puns for all of the various fictional universes. I love Star Wars, and I love puns, so prepare for the perfect combo. You’ll have heard of a few of these puns before, but I also made up a few of these Star Wars puns myself..

If you have any friends, but especially friends who like Star Wars, it’ll do you well to share these puns on Facebook with your friends! Or, you could wait until May 4th (Star Wars day) or until the next Star Wars movie comes out to share this list of Star Wars puns. Good luck getting through all 10 of these jokes, and may the force be with you.

If the jedi council issued homework to padawans, I am positive Mace Windu would be in charge of grading homework. He would do an amaceing job at it too.