Top 10 Fish Puns that are the Most Fintastic You’ve Ever Seen

Have you ever been to the ocean and all you smell is fish? Well this is no different. There is something extremely fishy about these puns, but maybe I’ve just been too coddled to know otherwise. Whether you’re a fisherman, a seafood restaurant, marine biologist, or just want to hear some good puns, you should definitely enjoy these fish puns.

I sure hope you can read this entire list of puns, I want you to finish. If you enjoy these puns, make sure you go tell me on Facebook that it all went swimmingly.


Omega 3 is Offishoily the Best Supplement

I did indeed make a pun about fish oil. Trust me, the fish puns get better from here, but I just wanted to make sure you got the most nutritious start possible.


Did you know McDonalds is opening a store underwater to sell Big Mackerels?

Holy mackerel, I can’t believe I came up with this pun. I’m really shocked that SpongeBob didn’t come up with it first. Maybe there is a copyright issue involved or something, because the play-on of Big Mac is too good to pass up.


They said I couldn't write all these fish puns, but look at minnow.

Technically I didn’t make this one up, because I heard minnow used as a combination of “me” and “now” before. However, I think it is certainly applicable and if someone can tell me where this pun originated I’ll link to it.


How do sea creatures keep their hair in place? A herring

Those of us with short hair would never need a hair ring to keep our hair in place. But I could certainly see some of the wilder, more rebellious fish rocking some sick hairdos, thus they need a herring to keep it in place. If you didn’t like this pun, you probably thought it was heresy, and at this point I’m just heralding in a new era of hair puns.


Always guard your wallet when going through schools of fish, you do not want to be pike-pocketed.

I understand this is not true, and that pikes may be wonderful fish. However, despite their lack of fingers to steal things from me with I still do not trust them one bit.


Why do sharks need GPS? To find the best troute.

No trout about it, this is an original pun. Nobody else has claimed sharks use GPS, perhaps for good reason. However, did you know sharks have phenomenal sense of smell, but terrible eyesight? Shark puns are hard to figure out, so I’ll just sharken back to the good old days when we didn’t have to.


Opportunaty cost is when you catch one fish but could have caught a tuna.

I’m not going to spend too long talking about this tuna pun, because my cats are already running over here just by thinking about tuna. Never waste a good opportunity to mention cats though, they tend to win lots appreciation on the internet. The next pun will look eely… I mean eerily familiar.


Who rules the sea near England? Queen Eelizabeth

You probably thought I was going to mention Poseidon as the ruler of the ocean. Queen Eelizabeth is better, because she’s a play-on of an actual creature while Poseidon is mermaid-up. Before you send me hate mail, I realize Poseidon is not a mermaid. However, I really wanted to work that pun in there somehow.


I knew you'd efintually read this fish pun.

But don’t you fish you’d read it earlier? You’re almost finished! Isn’t that punderful? You just need to look at one more pun image, and groan once more, and then you can call yourself an expert on fish puns. Remember all of these so that every time you are in a restaurant you can spout off these puns.


The underwater cashier said I hope you enjoy your perchase.

There, you’ve done it! You’ve finished all 10 of the best fish puns out there. Now you can perch upon your chair proud that you’ve done something with your day. You can thank cod for all of your blessings. Keep reading more puns on this site, and stay tuned for the next fissue of puns.

JT Smith

As the owner of Punreal, JT Smith's puns have been viewed well over 1 million times. I don't mean to flex, but as an expert at writing original puns, you could say JT is a flexpert.

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