These Funny Cat Puns are Purrfect!

I’ve been working on these cat puns for meowers and meowers and I’m pawsitive you’ll love them!

The Art of Purr-Suasion - Cat Puns
The purrfect pun gif for the occasion.

Cat Birthday Pun

Let’s be honest, we love our little kitties, but we love to throw super cute parties for these kitties for the sake of our friends and family. Thus you’ll need some great cat birthday puns to set that party to the next level.

Happy Purrthday

Turn up the Mewsic and Get this Pawty Started

Hope you have a purrfect birthday!

Meow Puns

The noises cats make can be turned into some funny cat puns. Let’s name a few.

Right Meow – Exchange “now” for “meow”

Half a Meower – Exchange “hour” for “meower”

Turn up the Mewsic – Exchange “music” for “mewsic”

Lawn Meower – Exchange “mower” for “meower”

CATegory of Cat Puns

Here’s how to make cheesy cat puns on the fly. Any word that has the word “cat” already in it can be converted into a cat pun. You just have to emphasize the word cat already in it.

  • catabolic
  • catalog
  • catapult
  • cataract
  • catastrophe
  • catatonic
  • catch
  • catch phrase
  • catch-22
  • catch-up
  • catchphrase
  • category
  • cater
  • catering
  • caterpillar
  • catfish
  • cathedral
  • catherine
  • catheter
  • cathode
  • cathodic
  • cation
  • catsup
  • cattle
  • catty-corner
  • cattywampus

So anytime you are in the presence of a cat, make sure you work some of these words into your conversation.

Kitten Puns

It is fun to make jokes about full-grown cats, but not as fun as making puns for baby cats! Let’s put our kitten pun skills to the test.

Are you kitten me? – Replace “kidding” with “kitten”

Everything but the kitten sink. – Replace “kitchen” with “kitten”

I’m kitty with joy. – Replace “gitty” with “kitty”

Weren’t those as cute as a kitten? I thought so.

Feline Puns

Let’s get technical with some feline puns.

Hope you’re feline good! – Exchange “Feeling” to “Feline”

He has a feliney record. – Exchange “felony” to “feliney”

Hope you enjoyed all of those cat puns! That’s not all of the cat puns out there, but it is a great start.

JT Smith

As the owner of Punreal, JT Smith's puns have been viewed well over 1 million times. I don't mean to flex, but as an expert at writing original puns, you could say JT is a flexpert.

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