Punreal Commenting System - Become the first Pun Master!

Punreal now has a commenting system complete with ranks, points, and all sorts of cool features. Become a Pun Master by racking up tons of points. The top Punreal members are listed on the sidebar of every page, so commenting can be quite prestigious.

 Earning Points 

Each day you visit Punreal, you get additional points. Each comment you make awards points, and when those comments get upvoted you earn points. The #1 way to earn points though is to first make a comment, then "share" your comment on social media. When someone clicks through the link you get tons of points! We reward you for getting more people to enjoy these puns.

Spending Points

You don't have to spend points, you could just keep racking up points to rise in the ranks. However, let's say you want to ensure your comment gets read at the top of the comment thread, you can get it there by promoting your comment with points. Or lets say you want to prank someone and change their profile name and picture for a day, you can do that too by spending points.

Try it out! Comment below.

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